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  1. derekchronicles

    My visitors are getting some password box from typepad every time they come to my site I have no idea where it came from or why it's there

  2. That is FREAKY, dude. On the plus side, they can just hit Cancel and it goes away. On the minus, that's really not a good thing; something's gone wrong at a deep level on the blog, so I suggest emailing support at wordpress dot com right now and asking for help. Tell them which blog it is and they should get on that soon. Note that it's the weekend, and there's no official support person on right now, but hopefully some workaholic will notice and be able to help.

  3. derekchronicles

    I figured it out it was one of the pictures I was using on the page. Thanks for the help

  4. Yup, seen it before. Glad you got it worked out.

  5. Really, how was that happening? Were you hotlinking from a private Typepad page? If so you shouldn't do that. If not, please ignore.

  6. The image was stored on a secure server where you had to log in to see the image.

  7. I interpret that, yes, it was hotlinked from a private typepad page?

  8. Probably. Another example of this was a couple of months ago where we had someone using the URL of an image that was embedded into an email within a GMail account.

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