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    I’d like to password protect only one page of my blog while allowing the others to be seen by any user. I want to protect it from hotlinking and spider crawling too, can this be done with a free word press acount.



    Yes you can password protect one page of your blog on When you are on the Write Page screen look over to the far right and the third blue header down will be Page Password. Click on the plus sign and when it drops down enter a password for the page. When people see the page on your blog they will get something similar to this:

    That faq page has to do with Post protecting, but it’s the same idea and function. As to whether or not the page is available to linking I would think it still would be, but the person would only get the password login box. I don’t know as to the spider crawling, but dont take an existing page and then protect it as the spiders may have already crawled and cached the page.

    If you are worried about privacy then go to Dashboard > Options > Privacy and select the “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors” but keep in mind that this is for the whole blog not just individual pages or posts.






    And you’ll probably get hits on that post in your stats, but they’re only hits of people coming and getting your “enter password” page.

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