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    Hello Knowledgeable Friends,
    I may have visited protecting ownership before, however due to my disability I need to ask you to be patient with me as I learn. I have noticed recently that some organizations / hospitals are viewing / potentially copying my material from . I do not know what their motives are and I realize that I am powerless over people that are potentially unscrupulous. Nevertheless, I want to do the best I can to protect my ownership,ect. I have notified the general public that my material is copyright worldwide 2007 and can not be copied, reproduced or distributed in anyway without my expressed written permission. I have also sent an email to various locations that seem to access, as happened yesterday according to site meter and get clicky.

    How can I best protect my material? Do I have to register and copyright my material and with the library of congress? What specific steps do I need to take to ensure that I Second Chance to Live is not stolen piece by peace?

    Also, because I am presently offering my material as free to the reader(public)am I opening myself up to restrictions on making a book from a compilation of my blog to the be sold in the future? I would like to eventually be well compensated for my diligence, tenacity and hardwork. Any ideas/suggestions/recommendations?



    Are these sites scrapers that don’t link back? And have you emailed the specific sites telling them to take down your work?



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