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Protecting Your Email Address

  1. A few months ago, I posted something about a little web app I wrote that helps you to encode or generate an image of your email address and keep spam bots from harvesting it.

    Well, I made some improvements to the app, and now, it has its own "home."

    Check it out if you want.

  2. Doggone it! Now I've got to change my bookmark! I use this all the time. Great ap!

  3. Thanks, Vivian!

    BTW, I sent you an email a couple of days ago but I guess your spam box caught it. I was just wondering about your site. Best!

  4. Nice app, :) Thanks Weblog,

  5. Oops

    Nice app, :) Thanks Devblog,

  6. @devblog - I didn't get it. And I've been watching my spam filter closely. Please resend. Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for the helpful app, devblog!

  8. Thanks, guys.

  9. cool, I didn't even know there was a first app that you made. Thanks, mines is going to be pink and black :)

  10. eh, nice, Sensico! I saw your image. By the way, you might want to encode your email as well, because the way you have it, can still be harvested.

    To encode your email, use the "Email Encoder" part.

  11. masterclasslady

    Well, that's a great decoder. Thanks DevBlog.

  12. No problem, masterclasslady. BTW, I sent you an email through your blog, I hope you got it.

  13. Thanks I used the encoder part.

  14. masterclasslady

    Devblog - no, I didn't receive it yet? Did you send it to the "hotmail" account?

  15. No, I sent it using the contact form on your blog...

    Maybe my email address went to your spam folder. I'll try again with a different email address

  16. I just sent you another email through your contact form. Hopefully you'll get it this time.

  17. masterclasslady

    Devblog - I tried to email myself through my contact form and received nothing. That's not good, is it? Who knows if others have tried to email me over tha past few months or so?

    Email me at masterclasslady @

  18. Thank you, I just sent it.

  19. @MCL - check the email address in your profile. That's the one used for the contact form. (Note that it is NOT the same location as the one on the Settings>General page.)

  20. masterclasslady

    DevBlog - thank you so much!

    @ Vivian - I checked my profile email and I thought WordPress had changed it to my curretn email address.

    The present email is inactive. No wonder! Thank you for pointing me in that direction once again. When I enter my present email, it won't accept it, so WordPress will have to deal with this.

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