Provide a shortcode for insert a chat in a PAGE

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    A idea: Provide a shortcode for insert a chat in a page and the box of comments for send messages!

    Short code [wpchat=ID] (and page in dashboard to create this id)


    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve been here for over two years and people have been asking for something like this for that entire time, and nothing has been done by staff, so my feeling is that it is low on their priority list, if it is there at all. That is not to say we won’t someday have it, I’m just suggesting not holding your breath.



    Mmmm, i improvised a chat page using comments (and replies links) :D



    It’s a idea provide shortcode for meebo roms.

    In exist Meebo widget. Meebo Rooms for pages it’s really good


    Member for Messenger (provide by Microsoft)

    click in button Create a new group and add this adress in messenger

    Send a nudge to activate Admin panel :)

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