Provide option to NOT have text for 2 step authentication

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    Please add the option to NOT chose to sent text once you set up 2SA with an app. If someone is a victim of a SIM swap alllowing to select send by text defeats the purpose of requiring the auth. app because, with the app, they need the physical device. So please allow for those of us who want this protection to turn of the addition option of receiving text instead of using the app.

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    @jtfrazier2000 I’m not sure I understand fully. You’re welcome to use an authenticator app or a text, whichever is best for you:

    Are you saying you’re set up with the app but still get texts?


    I want to have the option to not allow text as an option on my account. Why? If I were ever the victim of a SIM Swap (someone convinces mobile provider that they’re me and the have a new phone), the b they’ll own my number including texts. 2FA, if it allows text, will go right to the”new” phone, not mine. Whereas, they would need my physical device if only the app is allowed. SIM swaps are happening more frequently.



    We don’t have the ability to remove whole 2FA options on a per-account basis.

    The phone number requirement for SMS is intended for backup purposes, but we do re-evaluate these options often.


    Of course. I’m suggesting that everyone have the option to have app-only 2FA

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