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  1. more new themes....

    i've been in there since the 'theme preview' announcement; but there's more themes in there...

  2. Where, I can't find them in Presentation.

  3. Me neither but some people can. I wonder if we've got a datacenter synching issue. Maybe they'll turn up in an hour?

    I kind of hope they don't, because the weekend when Support is closed is a rotten time to drop this.

  4. i'm in the states, if that matters at all...

  5. Are they STILL there for you? It might be that they didn't mean to make them live, read your post and took them down.

  6. todayyesterdayandtomorrow: are you talking about redoable lite?

  7. Apparently there's one called Gemini too, but I can't see it.

  8. You know, if I can find a WordPress layout generator, I'll make WordPress layouts too. :O

  9. Nothing new there for me either. Can you give names or URLs, TY&T?

  10. Redoable lite is the only one I haven't noticed before, haven't seen gemini :S

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