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    This is all new to me. I am about to start a blog that is a tribute to a local sports hero. We would prefer that posts come from those who knew him well and have stories to tell, yet we want the public to be able to view it.

    My question is do I have the right to accept/reject registered users who want to post comments on our blog if it is public? Should I make this a Private blog? Semi-private blog?

    We have a web site, but think that a blog would be a much better way to keep fresh content coming in and keeping it all under control, and just use the web site for photo albums and such.

    I really appreciate any answers you can give me to my question. Thank you.




    Personally what I would do is make it a public blog, but turn on comment moderation.

    Then in a text widget in your side bar, put a note saying that all comments are held for moderation and the blog administrators reserve the right to allow a comment to be posted.

    You can see what I did in my blog if you click on my user name.



    Other people are not able to make posts to your blog unless you make them an official part of the blog. Using what katm said will allow them to comment on posts you make, but not make their own. If you had a wiki other people would be able to contribute stories, but again, either it’s open to the public to post or it’s open to a restricted, pre-approved list.

    You could ask that stories be sent to you via the Contact Form (make a special page for it) and then they will be posted after you’ve approved them.



    What is the difference between commenting on posts you make and the actual posts themselves?

    Do comments automatically appear on a blog? Or do comments about posts get sent to me and I decide which ones appear on my blog? And what is a wiki?



    A wiki is a cooperative webspace where all members (or even the general public) can make or edit posts. Here is an example:

    Comments can appear automatically or you can set it to comment moderation so they only show up after you approve them. Comments can only appear in relation to a blog post, they cannot simply appear on their own. They are generally responses to that post. It is less egalitarian than the forum here; the original post is the only thing that shows on the main blog page, and you have to click to the specific post (on the title) to see the comments.

    Here is a blog:
    and scrolling down you can see an entry with five comments, but you can’t see the comments until you click on that blog’s title:

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