Public blog appearing as private and not appearing in reader.

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    I recently changed the privacy settings of my blog to private while I was working on it. A few days ago, I changed my privacy settings back to public when I was ready for people to view it.

    When I log out and visit my blog, the page is visible so I know the public settings are working. However, when I post my blog link in Facebook, the link description says the blog is private. If I link a post directly, it does not have this problem.

    Also, my posts are no longer showing in the reader. They did the first day that I had set my blog back to public but new posts are not appearing.

    I have taken the advice from other forum posts (I’ve reduced the number of tags I use on specific posts, I have reset the privacy settings multiple times) but nothing has been working.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Update: I just checked the reader and the posts are appearing but I am still having problems with my blogs link description on Facebook.



    This has happened to others and what you need to do is ask a friend who has never shared one of your posts before to share a post now.

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