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    Can I make my blog a public one by default, by at the same time, make any post private by default until I manually change it to public and then it becomes part of the public blog? If yes, how please?

    I appreciate the request may sound strange to some, but this is because I do not want to maintain two blogs and at the same time I’d like to avoid embarrassing accidents. So basically, I want to allow anyone to read my blog and allow search engines to index all its public posts/parts, but at the same time I want to make sure that if I ever make a mistake between public and private, the mistake would be simply that my public post is still private. Rather than write all my dirty secrets in a post (haha), and make the mistake of posting it without changing to “private”. Makes sense?



    This is the link to support documentation
    (1) blog visibility and search engine access

    (2) post visibility – Every time you create a post you have the option(s) of making it public immediately, scheduling future publication, making it private, making it into a sticky post, or password protecting the post



    Note that there is no automatic setting that you can use to render all posts “private” in a blog that’s publicly accessible and accessible to search engines. This decision must be made when you create each post.

    Please bookmark the support documentation link for future use



    Hi timethief,

    Thank you very much for linking the resources and telling me about the automatic setting.

    Yes, I was aware of how to change of the privacy settings page and changed it, and also aware of the different settings per post.

    My question was more about convenience and having safe “default” settings. For example, I can see that whether I make my blog public or completely private, in both cases, the default settings for any post (which I can change of course) will be “draft, public, and immediately”. I was hoping that I can change that to “draft, private, and immediately”, regardless to whether my blog is public or private in Privacy Settings. And with that said, it did strike me as a bit surprising that even when I change my blog to private, the default of posts remain “draft, public, and immediately”.

    One good use for this, and also a protective measure for users’ privacy, is when I want to log into WordPress, and super quickly paste some text into a new post, then hit Publish, and bam, I’m gone. I don’t want to worry about changing it from public to private if I really just want to Ctrl+V, make one click, and run.

    It seems that I can mention this in a suggestions forum seeing as it is not possible.

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