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Public friends page

  1. Give us ability to build community :) please!

    1. Public friends page with blog subrscribers and owner-subscribed blogs.
    2. Top by subscribers count
    3. underscore [_] at blog domain
    4. short URL (at least redirect)

    I believe to you, guys! :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. +3 minus the 3rd option

  3. Give us ability to build community :) please!
    I submit.

  4. I agree with t3ck I like all except the 3rd option. It'll probably lead to similar domain names. Like some using failblog and another person might use fail_blog lol, it'd be a headache and annoyance for the blog owner

  5. I agree with the public friends page. Makes it easier to stay in touch with people and find new blogs and new people.

  6. I like the idea, for no better reason that I'd like people to think I *have* friends.

    I'm a new user, new blog - and only three posts. I'd like people to look at the three posts though, so anything like this seems to be a great idea.

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