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Public "General" Home page!!!? and ....!

  1. First Happy New Year and thanx for the new theme :D

    Home Page...seeing the activities of the blogs
    in pages before the member log in or Register..

    There are many beautiful blogs here ..but not categorized
    Categoization the blogs....Make easliy to find interesting blogs for members at the same interests..

    Like |Designs .. Programming .... Photographing...|

    and seeing the activities for the Category
    1-active blogs
    2-Newist Blogs
    3-Traced Blogs
    4-Friends Blogs

    and in My DashBoard i just wish i seen the Traced Blogs
    and Friends Blogs...Categorized !!

    .....and wish change how its look too !! How.<br /> like the users can add them pic and show it in each blog <br /> then seen it in my DashBoard by name ...Categorey</p> <p>-----------------<br /> Massages System...adding this feature for Private Massages<br /> make its great for the users here
    Gallery and Uploading file ..
    first...categorized it to Puplic and Private
    then Perview it in album ..
    and the other members can browse the Pics "If Public"
    and comment it at the post of that Pic :D
    Add Link
    Great Idea...
    but wish i can see in Page Template "Links Page"
    and Orgnize the Links with "Link Avatar"
    Or just the logo pic from the site of that link "external image":D
    Sharing Links
    Sharing , commenting and Rating the Links by the members
    and Choosing Site of the Week "Per each Category"
    i think thats good idea to share links with the other users<br /> ----------------<br /> Plaz if u make that feature dont forget to add search feature to the Links and Browseing it by Categories...
    Making Links "sites" Library with Rating and commenting
    .....great for feedback and knowing the features of the site before Visiting
    People who like to add Tutorials in them blogs :D
    Searching by Category ...or Browsing the Tutorials
    then add those tutorials in the tutorial Portals
    ....those tutorials could be so helpfull with Rating and comments
    Software Feedback
    there are blogs hold so usefull content about testing so software...contain "new Features, bugs , ........"
    that`s could be usefull for the other users
    and for the Software Companies OF course :D
    Travels Blogs
    with comments of the users ..Sharing the fun
    with friends and other blogers :)
    Note :-
    I found the blog method is easy creative way to write any thing then organize it Categories
    but ... Wish to Improve that feature to share the knowlage
    , info , feedbacks , Friendship , Tutorials , ........


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