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Public Name Not Working

  1. My public name does not appear when I make comments on other blogs any mnore. What is showing instead is my username. Is there a problem as it was working before.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please confirm whether or not you have followed these instructions to create a display name AKA nickname.

  3. Yes under basic details is the value it fails to show for my public name. My gravatar is also not showing. It is set as G rating. So not sure what's happening as it has been allocated to my new email address.

    Running out of things to try. Also cleared Cache.

    I had changed my username and gravatar before all this happened. Gravatar shows up if I post on wordpress but not blogger. My display name shows on wordpress but not on Blogger. It use to do all.

  4. I'm not aware of Blogger blogs being equipped to display Gravatars at all. Is the gravatar that we see in the sidebar here in the forum the new one or not?

  5. Yeah thats the new gravatar. I could have sworn it shown a gravatar maybe not then. What it shows now is like an error sign anytime I post on Blogger. I know it definitely didn't show that before. Two gray marks with an orange line going through the middle. I have noticed it when I post on Blogger as the logo for Open ID (not sure what that is) confused as to why it is now showing before my username. Maybe if I can sort the problem of my public name not showing this may sort itself out..

  6. Sounds like Blogger has screwed something up again. Good luck with OpenID: I never have any luck with it at all. I generally use Name/URL when I comment on Blogger.

  7. I may do what you do raincoaster, thanks for that. I use to do that a while back, shall go back to doing it.

  8. OpenID is hit and miss. It aggravated me so much that I now do the same as raincoaster. I use Name/URL when I comment on Blogger.

  9. Thanks timecthief. I will do that for the future.

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