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  1. Currently there are people reading my blog that I don't want to be reading it. They may be doing this in a variety of ways: directly from the blog URL, using RSS, via the Email Subscription option provided by WordPress, etc. I would like to change my block security from public (no search engines) to private (only users I choose). If I make this change, will the unwanted people still be able to read my blog using any of the previously mentioned methods?


  2. Read :

    but the already indexed pages in google and other search engines would remain, and the search engine caches will have them for some time.
    To request removal of link you can try :

  3. I already have my blog blocked by search engines, so that's not an issue for me. My question, as I stated above, is what happens when I switch an existing blog from public to private. Will this prevent people from reading it in any of the ways I listed?

  4. The answer depends on the privacy choice you make. There are 3 choices.
    Please read

  5. i think if it is blocked from search engines, and it is made private, then users cannot enter the blog without password, and the new posts won't come up in the searches. Only the existing indexed cached posts will remain.

  6. It will prevent people from reading the new posts.

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