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  1. If you have made a blog public, and especially if you've invited specific people to read it, is there a way to make it all private again and keep those folks from getting notifications of new posts? If you upgrade to a domain name, does it change that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Also, if I alter the name to wellsprings & dragonfly wings will it change those settings?

  3. Hm... Left this post a week ago and still no response from anyone. Doesn't seem to be a very good support system here. Is anyone out there?

  4. Yes, and we've answered this question a dozen times in the interim, but when you get impatient waiting for an answer, go to the Support docs and do a search.

    You set a blog to Private on the Settings->Reading page of the dashboard. Buying a custom domain has no effect on that.

  5. I'm sorry if you're miffed at what I said. But I found no answer on my post, received no email till this morning. And I did try to find an answer in the support docs before I ever posted this. But my exact question didn't seem to be there.

    Specifically I wanted to know if once you had changed your blog to public and actually invited a few people to view it, can you change it back to private and those few people will no longer be able to see the blog. Or will they still be able to see it?

    And if folks did answer this question a dozen times, please tell me where to go find the answers so this doesn't happen again. Your response is the only one here.

    Thanks for the help...

  6. And yes, I did know how to change it from public to private in settings. But that was not my question...

  7. Please read this about public blogs that become private blogs > Blog Privacy and Subscribers >

  8. Thank you. That was most helpful. I appreciate your sending the link.

  9. You're welcome and best wishes.

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