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    I am experiencing this as well with the Scrollider theme. When I use Publicize, the feature photo is ignored and Facebook and Google Plus, etc., grab only my profile photo (which looks pretty narcissistic when it shows up in posts). I match my feature photo to my posts, so I’d really like it to be used. Publicize will grab an inset photo if one is used, but I use those much less often. Like other posters here, if I post to FB or Google+ or Tumbr manually, I can control the art. This really should be fixed as it renders the convenience of Publicize useless, and actually makes things worse because I’d have to delete a previous post and redo it manually. My site is


    I am also having this issue.



    it’s not just the feature image that is messed up … Publicizing to FB used to have a result: a post on the timeline/wall with the title of the original post at WP… now this is also screwed… all I’m getting is the first sentence of my pust, truncated and images from within the post…

    that renders the publicize function useless IMO. … it totally screws the way the post appears… well, back to manual sharing I guess … thumbs down


    I can’t share my post on Facebook by the button below it, and when I copy the address and post directly to Facebook only shows the link.

    Não consigo compartilhar minha postagem no Facebook pelo botão abaixo dela, e quando copio o endereço e posto diretamente no Facebook apenas aparece o link.


    Too many people with this problem included me, but any solution…

    its facebook fault, wordpress or the template ???

    i am using actually theme Suburbia.



    Same thing here . . . picking up header image instead of inset photo selected to correlate to the theme of the post. Had the problem in November, then it was fixed (by WP? FB? who knows?) a few days later. Then problem again with post on 12/5. 12/9 post was right, but now 12/11 post again shows only header image. Very frustrating.


    I’m having the same problem. It was fine as of 12/11/13, but now, two days later, my post is showing up as the URL with the first few lines of the post. Not appealing at all.


    It is also happening for me with inset photos. I had a recent post that had both a nice feature photo and inset photo, and Publicize posted it to Facebook with a under-resolved Twitter logo instead! And I know it is WordPress’s issue because when I manually post to Facebook, it utilizes the proper image(s).



    Of course it’s a Worppress issue. The surprising thing is that anyone at WP seems to know how to fix it.


    All, I just found this page and it solved my issue:

    By heading to the Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger, I was able to see that the image FB thought it should be pulling was actually the wrong link. Then I was able to go to the post’s HTML and correct the problem—it needed a hard line break to be able to distinguish the two elements.




    This started working properly (for me, at least) about a week and a half ago. I held off for a little while in case it turned out to be a fluke, but it seems fully operational again. YAY and thanks!



    On my facebook page, I seem to have a slightly different issue. When I post the link to my blog directly on my fb page it uses the old gravatar image, even though it let’s me click through and choose what image I wish to publish.

    The “object” debugger suggestion above doesn’t work on pages… I tried it. I’m stumped at this point. Not sure, but I am absolutely certain that this is a Facebook issues and not a issue.



    Sometimes, I have the same problem, sometimes, I don’t. Today, I have the same problem on both my wordpress blogs. Very annoying!


    There’s a box in the SEO plugin about allowing meta tags for FB social graph. I unchecked it. Now the images show up again. They were working before I installed that plugin. And now they work again. Yay.



    We’ve made several updates to resolve this issue. If you still encounter issues with newly published posts shared on Facebook, let us know including the link of the post you shared.

    Note that you can also use the Facebook Debugger to update FB’s cache so it uses the correct image and description of your site:‎


    Link given does not work …




    This has been working fine for us for a couple of months, but today it just posted our logo again rather than the featured image. Here’s the post:

    Thanks for working on this!



    @rilm You should be able to see the correct image now.

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