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Publicising a blog / getting more traffic

  1. I've been running a blog for a while now, over at:

    It's in Technorati and Google, which is good. However, the statistics for accesses are very low (sometimes, single digit). I also occasionally post a link to a blog entry on mine from a relevant entry on someone else's blog.

    Does anyone have tips on publicising, and getting the number of hits up? Or, am I doing something very wrong? It is possible that the subject matters (living in the Outer Hebrides, pictures of beaches, and using Digital Library services) are too niche. Or maybe my text is just dull. Dunno.

    Any tips/advice welcome.

  2. it's been discussed in the forum before, you might want to make a search of that, but the gist is

    1. leave substantial comments on blogs you visit and maybe they'll return the favour

    2. participate more in the forum and ppl may just click on your link

    3. sending trackbacks to ppl you have linked in your posts

    4. have really good blog content

    alternatively, a wp forum regular has also blogged abt it here

  3. silversprite
    sulz has given you a very good summary. I just wanted to add a few other tips.

    (1) Please do not expect google's search spiders to find your blog for at least 4-6 weeks (read the FAQ's on this.)
    (2) I do use this method- click on WordPress "Tags" at the top of this page, look through the tag cloud for subjects that match your blog and veisit other blogs on the same subects (back to sulz's comments - leave comments).
    (3)Although I don't use this method others do - join groups like blogexposion and "spam your blog".
    (4) Although I don't use this method others do - establish blogs elsewhere that direct people back to your main blog - examples of where include myspace and/or yahoo if you spend a lot of time in their chatrooms spamming your blog you may attract more click stats.

    Note: These last two tips for increasing visitors to your blog is being offered only for comic relief. I'm just joking on the last two so please don't be offended, okay?

    (5)Post eye candy - pictures of beautiful naked or partially dressed people on the first page of your site. :D lol
    (6)Write lurid posts about sexual experiences either real or imagined. :D lol

  4. If you post in any forums on the net, I always include a link in my sig. Helps with Google Page Rank as well.

  5. There's a heck of a lot of tips there; thanks folks.

  6. Seize any chance to post pointers to your blog in this forum (if relevant)


  7. Try to find similiar sites like yours and email them asking if they would do a link exchange on their and your blogroll. Most will accept but some sites never even write back.

  8. Here's another one to add to the blog promotion list. Write on a controversial topic like climate change/global warming and use title that challenges folks to live up to their religious tennets.

    Example: "What Would Jesus Do?" at

    Lots of fun.

  9. You could always join the exclusive bunch of 104 bloggers on Google earth :)

    KMZ file and to get on comment here or email me the correct lat/lon for your blog.

    In the UK?

    Oregon ?

    Make more maps :)

  10. I think I might try paper ads. Can we do that?

  11. Sure, but as someone who works partially in advertising I can say without a moment's hesitation that it will be a complete waste of your money. People who read blogs don't do it with the newspaper handy. The best place to publicize your blog is online, following the tips above.

  12. I think by its very nature a blog on the Outer Hebrides (for US readers imagine Alaska was an island :) ) might appeal to a limited readership. :)

  13. Not at all. Wife in the North (or whatever it was called) became a top-10,000 Technorati blog in its first three months on the strength of a few powerful links and some great press (which was a little easier for a retired, well-connected London journalist), and the woman got a nice, rich book deal. And she is pretty damn remote (for the UK...I mean, you can walk across the country FFS).

  14. Walk across the country? Heck you can run............:)

  15. Yeah, a friend of mine ran across Wales for his 50th birthday. They made it all the way in time to have dinner at the pub. When you're from Canada, this thought is rather mind-boggling.

  16. Tens and twenties help. :)

  17. All I can suggest is finding the leading/most popular site on the web in your area and getting them interested in what you have to say. A link from them would go a long way and then you just need to prove you can hold your own in your niche area. Good luck!

  18. An in depth analysis of the Miss Nevada scandal would certainly help. :)

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