How can I set up Publicize?

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    I made the connection to Facebook and it was confirmed. When I create a new post I do not see the the different Publish Box (with a reference to editing the FB message).
    Blog url:


    Your blog isn’t yet connected to Facebook. Could you please follow the steps at the link below and let us know if it doesn’t work?



    When I try to connect to Facebook I receive this reply and cannot proceed:

    “You have successfully connected your blog with your Facebook account.”


    Hi, your site is loading as connected properly when I check it. This is the screen I saw when creating a new test post:

    Below “Publish immediately” you’ll see a “Publicize” option with just Facebook selected. Can you try loading that at Posts > Add New in your Dashboard?



    Thanks, it’s working now. I won’t try to analyze it. I appreciate the very prompt response.


    You’re welcome, very glad to hear it’s all working now for you. :)

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