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    I am trying to link my blog to Yahoo and Twitter. I keep getting weird email addresses under “Post by Email”, the options “vCard, Regenerate, and Delete”. Is this suppose to happen?

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t answer technical questions without a link to the blog in question, starting with http. We’d only be guessing otherwise.


    Member is the blog. I deleted the first one and made a new one but I am getting the same thing. under “Post by Eamil”



    This is a new feature. Here’s the support documentation entry for it If you have followed those directions and still have a problem then only Staff can sort it for you. .



    The email address you are seeing under the Post by Email feature is the “secret” email address you can use to post to your blog by email.

    Any email you send to that address will be turned into a post. You can remove the PBEM feature by using Delete if you wish. “Regenerate” creates a new email address in case you believe yours has been compromised (anyone who knows it could post to your blog).

    You can read more about post-by-email here:

    Have you been able to link your blog to Twitter and Yahoo?



    @raincoaster @ timethief and @markel thank you…and yes I did.

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