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Publicize and Google+

  1. In Settings -> Sharing there is an option for "Add a new service" that opens a form. Does anybody know what exactly should be put there in order to have the Google+ sharing option enabled manually?


  2. @vanessafbrownphotographer I use RSS Graffiti on facebook to post blog entries to all my pages.

  3. @momfog
    Good catch and in a Google+ thread yet.

    Here's the RSS Graffiti link for posting to Facebook walls. Alternatively you can use Networked Blogs

  4. Ooh thankyou so much! I will check it out :)

  5. @timethief: thanks for information. It's good.

  6. @vanessabrownphotographer and pswanti2
    You're both most welcome and best wishes with your blogs.

  7. i look forward to see this option in wordpress....just hoping for the best.

  8. @timethief.
    Thank you for all your input on this thread. This little old lady will just have to wait for the Google+ button to be available :-)

  9. We'll definitely pursue Publicize via Google+ as soon as it becomes available.

    At this time, Google has not provided an API for any service to automatically post to Google+ and the crew behind Google+ have been pretty firm in their stance that they don't want to see any automated content on Google+, so I doubt such an option will ever be available in the near future.

  10. @macmanx
    It appears they're allowing it from Blogger, so they must not be entirely opposed to automated content. Maybe just auto content that's not from a Google source. Too bad really.

  11. Well, let's just hope this is an in-house way of testing it before letting the rest of us in on the action.

  12. I agree that this is an important function to implement. There is already at plugin for .org:
    Perhaps that solution could be transfered in some way to .com?

  13. Now that Google+ has opened their API, this should be a quick fix. Can anyone give us any idea how long this will take?

  14. I agree, I need the G+ publicize because G+ is where everyone is at now as far as readers.

  15. Actually I think it's great that the same content is not being duplicated on Google + but that's just my opinion.

  16. Any updates or ideas on how to publish to Google+ yet from WP? I've spent about 3 hours looking for a solution, and have not found one. I can find plenty of solutions for posting Google+ updates to my blog, but not vice versa.

    Ideally what I'd like to do is to use WP as my primary content creation tool and then be able automatically send out updates to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ when I've published something.

    I'm currently using the Networked Blogs facebook app to do this, but they do not yet have Google+ added to their list of networks.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  17. I'll just bump this here as I would also like to do this.

  18. iv been thinking about that too...
    because i just recently made an account at google+

  19. And what about diaspora?

  20. >> Now that Google+ has opened their API, this should be a quick fix. Can anyone give us any idea how long this will take?

    I'm publicizing my post with facebook and twitter and I've been able to verify that it's a great way to get more visits... So I'd really like to publicize my blog on google+
    ...2 months are passed, so any news on the matter would be really appreciated... (if what has been said is true, obviously...)
    Thanks in advance

  21. Google has not exactly opened their API. They're only making it available to select launch partners.

  22. Oh, I thought something was off... I'm with wp since just few months, bit I've seen a lot of changes... i couldn't believe this one still wasn't out...
    Well, let's just hope they'll open their api and wait patiently.
    Ah, thank you very much for your reply and... keep us posted, please! ^__^

  23. You're welcome!

  24. Diaspora would be HORRIFIED to find people roboposting. I'm pretty sure that's why they haven't enabled it.

  25. Definitely looking forward to this.

    I have a Google+ account, but at present, the only post is a notice referring people to my WP blog. I'd just as soon not be exposed to the G+ market if I am forced to duplicate my posts manually...

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