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    I used to use publicize and together with no problem for my public blog, Back in the good old days, I’d drop my post permalink into, get my shortened URL, and then use the Custom Message box inside publicize to replace the wordpress shortener (which has no tracking or stats) with my shortener, which does. And hey presto my twitter post would come out with my custom message exactly as I’d hoped it would be.

    Recently what’s been happening is that wordpress seems truly unable to believe that I want to delete my wp url shortener, so even though I’ve deleted it in the custom message box and replaced it with my shortener, when I hit publicize WP somehow magically reinstates its native shortener when doing my twitter update. So then I get a tweet with two shorteners in it, which looks really daft.

    Clearly the ultra-quick work around is for me to just drop using Publicize, and tweet my post directly via Twitter or Hootsuite ( or whatever). But I’m curious about whether anyone else has had the same issue, or whether there is new extra incancation I need to do when I do a custom message that will convince WP that I really do want to zap the shortener….??

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    Ever since I started using the Publicize feature, I noticed that the URL would sometimes not appear in the “Publicize” box, but would show up later on in my tweet.

    I suggest you contact staff about this. Maybe it’s intentional, maybe it isn’t.



    Sounds similar. Will ask staff.! ta, H



    Given the issues I’ve seen with permalinks, it probably IS intentional.

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