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Publicize, Does it work?

  1. I did a search on Publicize and found a few problems people were having, but is anyone actually using it and liking it? Is there better software out there that I could be using for the same purpose? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think it's imporatnt to note that when new features are introduced it takes testing, feedback, and adjustments to make things run smoothly. This is a new feature and Staff are receiving feedback and acting on it.

    P.S. I'm flagging this thread because it does not contain a technical support question. One of our Moderators will move it to another forum for you.

  3. @mrbisogno

    Publicize sure does work! I am (and have been since the feature as introduced) using it on my personal blog for both FB and Twitter. :) There were limited reports of authorization issues when the Facebook tool first rolled out, but we fixed that immediately and there have been no further issues since.

    Full details on the Publicize feature here:

    @tt thanks for flagging. I'm going to leave this one in here at it is a support question (albeit indirectly).

  4. @hesut
    Surely, it's your call to make. No problem. :)

  5. Hewsut,

    If I want to "Publicize" on face book, will the post include the picture(s) on my wordpress blog post? Thanks.

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