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Publicize doesn't post images into FB anymore

  1. excited4coupons - I think our replies crossed, please see my response above.

  2. This is a tool provided by Facebook where you can paste the URL of any individual post where this is an issue. Just paste it in the text field and click Debug, and that''ll force Facebook to retrieve the new thumbnail for the post:


  3. Oops! Sorry kathrynwp

  4. thefelicianojourney

    You actually added that link to facebook. It looks like. It I do it manually it works. But when its being posted via wordpress it doesnt show. This is what facebook told me after running the tool.

    Errors That Must Be Fixed

    Cannot change og_type: The object at '' previously had type 'article' and cannot be changed to an object of type 'website' to avoid data corruption of existing actions.

  5. I ran the latest post urls through the debug thing but on my Facebook page the gravatar image still shows. It is doing it for Twitter too, but the way. It is also not the current gravatar image but an old one since deleted from gravatar, so I am stumped.

  6. @ kathrynwp I also used the debugger as suggested. In the debug screen the image of the post shows up but it doesn't change the image on FB page. Also new posts still don't show images in post, just the gravatar as before. Any other suggestions???? Please,....;-)
    FB URL:

  7. I am having the same problem. I tried the facebook debugging link that you shared above and it didn't work. It told me my image was too small, and that each dimension had to be at least 200, it's way more than that so something isn't reading my image properly.

  8. sorry, I should have shared this
    the URL I provided was

  9. oxfordschoolofphotography

    @kathrynwp, I have tried the debug link you suggested but alas to no avail. As it seems there are many of us struggling with this perhaps there is more to the problem. I look forward to your further suggestions once a solution has been found, please keep me informed

  10. mothercitymom - I ran your most recent post through the debugger a couple of times and it looks like it's now pulling in the right thumbnail, as you can see here:

    Does it work for you now?

    In terms of the Gravatar - could you please check under Settings > General and see whether the Blavatar uploaded there is your current avatar? You may need to update it.


  11. excited4coupons - thanks for the precision. It looks like you're already getting assistance from Jeremy over in the Jetpack forum - he will continue to assist you there, since this issue is a bit different from the one.

  12. thefelicianojourney

    Thank you Kathrynwp very much.

  13. kathrynwp, can you check mine, I included the link above?

  14. Thanks so much, I managed to change the profile picture in the right place now. For some reason I am still seeing the profile picture next to the Facebook links but I will check again in the morning when I publish a new post and get back to you if the problem persists

  15. mothercitymom - you'll still see the old Gravatar image on posts that were shared on Facebook when the problem was still happening, unfortunately, as there isn't a way to retroactively change them.

  16. holistic2010 - I tried sharing this post and it looks OK in Facebook:

  17. kathrywp yes I can see that, thanks for trying,..:-)
    I think the problem is at different point. This kind of sharing, when you hit the sharing button, on an existing post was working before (even during the time since publicize quite working the way it did before) It's when you create a new post that publicise (or FB) is not responding as it suppose too, meaning it uses the Gravatar image instead of the image in the post.
    May be it has to do with how WP (publicize) treads the new post and not function properly.
    Also as mentioned above the debugging doesn't produce the kind of results it suppose to.
    Hope their will be a solution soon, gladly will try any suggestions....Thanks for trying so hart; your support is very much appreciated!

  18. detailsanddeco - I'm replying to your post from over in the other thread:

    hi , I have the problem in facebook (i think i fixed with you advice) but in tumblr too. before the problem i have always the photo of the post, now i only have the text.
    my blog is

    Could you please clarify what your remaining issue is? On the one hand you mention having fixed the issue, but you also say you're still having trouble. Could you please show me a specific example of the problem you're still having? Are you sharing WordPress posts in Tumblr, and if that's not working correctly, could you please link to an affected post on both and in Tumblr? Thanks!

  19. Thanks for all the additional reports. I've let our developers know that there are still some issues around thumbnails when sharing posts via Publicize, and sometimes manually. I'll keep you updated here.

    Thanks for your patience - we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

  20. So glad this isn't just me!

    I tried the FB debugger tool but it hasn't worked. The only way I can get thumbnails to appear on FB is by manually adding the post via the share buttons at the end of my post.


    FB page:

    You can see the offending posts when you scroll down...

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  21. Our developers have made live a fix for the Publicize issue.

    For posts that aren't published yet, Facebook should, starting now, display the correct image.

    For any existing/previously shared/Publicized posts, if you use the Facebook debugging tool then it seems to clear Facebook's cache for that specific URL.

    If anyone still sees issues on newly published posts, could you please provide a link to the post in question. Thank you.

  22. hi, I still have problems I tried to do the debugging tool but I can,t fixed in this post:

    I have the same problem in tumblr (the same post than fb) normaly in tumblr I can see one image, but now I see a part of the text of the post withouth image.

  23. Publicize is now working fine with new posts. Debugging of old posts still not working.
    Thank You already for the "New Post" fix, very much appreciated.
    FB URL:

  24. redqueenmusings

    I tried sharing with Facebook manually yesterday and it worked but the automatic share that happened at just after midnight was back to the gravitar. I deleted and did another manual share which is OK. So it seems at least for me there are still bugs.

  25. I tried the debug link and got this message
    "All the images referenced by og:image should be at least 200px in both dimensions. Please check all the images with tag og:image in the given url and ensure that it meets the recommended specification."

    The image is well above 200px in both dimensions.
    I have had this problem for three days, the last three posts.

  26. good news - new post today worked fine
    thanks kathrynwp and all of your peeps at WordPress

  27. redqueenmusings - could you please provide a link to the post that went out using Publicize that didn't display the right thumbnail, as well as a link to your Facebook page? Did this happen with any posts published after that one? Thanks.

  28. Just made a new post and my thumbnails are back on my FB page. Thanks to those who fixed the problem!

  29. Here is a link to a post that did not post to my Facebook page

    and here is a link to my Facebook page:

    I have tried the debugging instructions but without success.
    Yours with thanks

  30. Hi Anthony - your issue is different than the one others are reporting here, in that your post doesn't get published on Facebook at all, not that the thumbnail is incorrect. Could you please start a new thread to describe your issue in detail, and add the word modlook in the Tags section in the right column. Staff will be glad to help you out one-on-one in your own thread. Thanks!

    I'm going to close this thread now, since the original issue looks to be resolved, but anyone with further troubles can feel free to start a new one.

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