Publicize doesn't post images into FB anymore

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    This one Does show up in facebook but not the thumbnail.


    I just tested with a share and it seems OK, will have to wait for the publicize to see if it is still working correctly but that won´t be until tomorrow morning !! Thanks for your hard work. xx


    Sorry it its not a wordpress site by my site uses wordpress. Not sure if that matters. And I do use Publicize.


    Hi Kathryn, you suggested another user supply you with a url where the publicize function to Facebook is not working and always showing the gravatr. Can I ask you to do the same for me, here is the url of my wordpress site post and secondly the Facebook page with the problem. Many thanks



    oxfordschoolofphotography – would you please trying the technique I described here:

    The reason I asked for a URL from another user is that I needed to confirm that their site is not actually a site.



    I am having the same problem for the last two days. It is driving me insane and I am not publicizing any more. I will try the Facebook debug thing, but if this problem is being resolved I will wait and see.



    excited4coupons – the thumbnail for this post is displaying fine for me in Facebook, as you can see here:


    You may still want to try putting the URL into the Facebook debugger tool I linked to earlier and seeing if that helps.


    Does that mean you Cant help me Kathrynwp ?



    mothercitymom – as far as we know, the problem has been resolved at our end. Please try the Facebook debug tool and see if it helps refresh the thumbnail image at Facebook’s end.



    excited4coupons – I think our replies crossed, please see my response above.



    This is a tool provided by Facebook where you can paste the URL of any individual post where this is an issue. Just paste it in the text field and click Debug, and that”ll force Facebook to retrieve the new thumbnail for the post:




    Oops! Sorry kathrynwp


    You actually added that link to facebook. It looks like. It I do it manually it works. But when its being posted via wordpress it doesnt show. This is what facebook told me after running the tool.

    Errors That Must Be Fixed

    Cannot change og_type: The object at ‘’ previously had type ‘article’ and cannot be changed to an object of type ‘website’ to avoid data corruption of existing actions.


    I ran the latest post urls through the debug thing but on my Facebook page the gravatar image still shows. It is doing it for Twitter too, but the way. It is also not the current gravatar image but an old one since deleted from gravatar, so I am stumped.



    @ kathrynwp I also used the debugger as suggested. In the debug screen the image of the post shows up but it doesn’t change the image on FB page. Also new posts still don’t show images in post, just the gravatar as before. Any other suggestions???? Please,….;-)
    FB URL:


    I am having the same problem. I tried the facebook debugging link that you shared above and it didn’t work. It told me my image was too small, and that each dimension had to be at least 200, it’s way more than that so something isn’t reading my image properly.


    sorry, I should have shared this
    the URL I provided was


    @kathrynwp, I have tried the debug link you suggested but alas to no avail. As it seems there are many of us struggling with this perhaps there is more to the problem. I look forward to your further suggestions once a solution has been found, please keep me informed



    mothercitymom – I ran your most recent post through the debugger a couple of times and it looks like it’s now pulling in the right thumbnail, as you can see here:


    Does it work for you now?

    In terms of the Gravatar – could you please check under Settings > General and see whether the Blavatar uploaded there is your current avatar? You may need to update it.


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