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    I have three WordPress blogs and all three of them have the same issue.
    The publicize function (to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr in my case) works without any problems when I post myself, but when I reblog a post, it won’t be shared.
    I’ve already removed all sharing connections and added them anew, but it doesn’t work.
    This is a huge problem for me, because on one of my blog I regularly share concert reviews by other WordPress users via reblog and it’s annyoing to share them manually, especially since reblogs don’t have sharing buttons.
    Thanks for your help!

    My blogs: ; ;

    The blog I need help with is



    In the parlance of software, that’s not a bug: it’s a feature. See here:

    It’s disabled because reblogs are fundamentally not original. wants the publicity directed to the original blogger, not the reblogger. Your only option is to do a manual reblog.



    Then I don’t understand why it used to work before. Also, I respect that view point, but in my opinion this makes no sense, because eventually I redirect many of my Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr followers to the original blog post. This rule does nothing to get the original blogger publicity.

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