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    Hi, can someone please take a look at how Publicize is now posting my posts on my FB page?

    Words are missing in every post, and many are posted as just HTML, or a combo of HTML & text. Sometimes it just says “” with no text at all. This just started happening last week – before that everything was fine.

    Also beginning a couple of weeks ago, each time I create a new post, on the new post page where it auto-publicizes my choices (FB, Twitter, etc.), it now says I must refresh my FB connection before posting. So, I do – every single time, even tho it confirms each time that connection is refreshed.

    I’ve already tried disconnecting & re-connecting Publicize to my FB & also on dis- & re-connecting in my FB settings on FB, but WP still keeps telling me to refresh connection with each new post. Then it Publicizes all my posts the way I described above (missing words/sentences, HTML showing, etc.)

    Very confused. Please assist.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



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