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    I use Publicize to publish my posts on Facebook and Twitter. I published a post recently, fairly light-hearted with a number of amusing images, except the Yorkshire Ripper, one of the UK’s most notorious serial killers. It was used, like the others to illustrate people with beards. Out of all the images I had on that post, the Ripper was the one chosen to go with the post title when it was publicized on Facebook. It looked like I was making fun of something appalling. Thankfully, my friends know me well, but it didn’t look good and I don’t feel comfortable about it at all. This is not the first time images have been randomly chosen to illustrate the post, but it’s the first time the image was totally inappropriate and had the potential to offend. Is there a way I could control what images are published alongside the post when I use publicize? I could avoid posting (rare) controversial images in my posts to avoid another situation as described earlier, but I don’t see why I should. Please advise.

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