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    Just getting set up on WP and have a question about Facebook integration I couldn’t find answered elsewhere in the forums. I want to set up a blog that has multiple authors, with each author having their own Facebook account tied into the blog.

    My question is: when an author posts, will that WP entry only show up on their Facebook wall, or will it post to all the authors’ walls who have FB accounts tied into the blog? I’m hoping for the latter (or for some way to set it up) so the blog as a whole can be posted to across multiple FB walls whenever there’s a post and regardless of the author, and not just individual posts going to that author’s wall.




    Hi. Publicize works per blog and per author. See here:
    So I guess that means it will post only on the author’s wall.

    If you want to publish each post into every author’s Facebook wall, you might consider another solution, such as RSS Graffiti (which would be based on the entire blog’s RSS feed).

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