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    Is anybody else having trouble authorising wordpress to allow posts to appear on facebook.

    I click the link to go to facebook to authorise it and it redirectes straight back to my dashboard.


    The blog I need help with is



    As this addition of Facebook was only announced yesterday I’m thinking you may wish to contact Staff and report your experience to them.


    will do cheers



    You’re welcome. If you would like to return and share the solution in this thread I’m sure it will be appreciated by those who may experience the same problem as well.



    I just tried it and it worked OK for me

    “You have successfully connected your blog with your Facebook account.”



    same problem — i click the authorization link and stay on global dashboard



    1. Log into your blog. Go to your blog’s dashboard -> “My Blogs” -> uncheck “Facebook” under “Publicize”.
    (On the “My Blogs” page, make sure you’re looking at the correct row for the blog in question.)

    2. Reload the page and confirm that the Facebook checkbox is unchecked.

    3. Log into your Facebook account. Go to “Account” (upper right corner) -> “Application Settings”. Remove “” by clicking the “X” in its row. (If there is no row, don’t worry, just skip this step).

    4. Log *back* into your blog. Go to your blog’s dashboard -> My Blogs -> *reclick* “Facebook” under “Publicize”.

    5. Wait for the popup appear that asks you to “Authorize connection with Facebook”. Click that button.

    6. You’ll be taken to Facebook and asked to “Allow” several pieces. Allow them all.



    Facebook recently made some changes to how it displays shared links. It seems it no longer displays thumbnails from URL links and this is also true for the links published by in FB profile. I like it better when FB used to include a thumbnail because it gives the post appeal and attention. I have feeds setup that does the same thing but so far only feeds from “RSS Graffiti” (a FB app) continues to show thumbnails.



    Facebook authentication was broken. If you were an early adopter and connected your blog to your Facebook account, you’ll probably get some errors at some point (either you’ve gotten them already or you’ll get them sometime soon: maybe both :)).

    These errors are because Facebook only granted temporary access to your Facebook account, despite asking for more persistant access.

    We’ve fixed the bug, but if you get any errors, please follow the steps Hanni listed above.

    Apologies for the hassle.

    If you’re still having problems, you’ve probably hit some other snag, and we can help you if you contact support.

    PS: If you authenticated after I wrote this message here, you’re all set – the bug was already fixed and you shouldn’t get any errors.



    shimworld, we’re working on getting images and videos sent to Facebook properly to give your posts that added appeal and attention :)



    I knew there were other reasons why I love WordPress so much (and even successfully evangelized WP blogs to a number of friends across several continents when they were considering the other alternative). When you have photographs that people love, they immediately want to know what camera you use, your religion, diet, blood type and oh, the blog you showcase them on :)



    Is it possible to forward WordPress posts to a specific Facebook group rather than to the general Facebook News Feed? Thanks.



    I don’t think so because Groups have Pages and doesn’t currently support Facebook Pages



    Thanks. Hopefully that will become possible soon as it allows bloggers to better focus their material on Facebook.



    This is a stab in the dark, so if it’s off base, please forgive me, in advance.
    I’m wondering if this would do?

    For now, the best option would be to use the Notes FB app on your company’s FB page and import your blog from there.


    I am having no luck linking to either Facebook or Twitter. I tried hanni’s steps a couple of times, and it didn’t help. Once I link, how long til it’s posted? I’m sure I’ve waited at least half an hour.
    If anyone has any advice or just wants to share in my misery, lol, please let me know!


    srj84 – you can do this, but you have to do it from the Facebook
    On the Fan Page you import the blog feed


    I’m getting stuck, over and over, at the Allow Publishing screen (second “allow” screen). Hanni’s steps don’t help. Any suggestions?



    I publicized a post, I made changes to the post. published the changes, but no publicize has been performed to FB and Twitter. now I’m enabled to uncheck the FB and Twitter check in that post. Any suggestions?


    @trackinginthemud Getting stuck at the Allow Publishing screen sounds like something’s not getting connected properly somewhere along the line. Can you try clearing browser cache and cookies and start the steps over?

    @asagnentili Just to check, are you sure the publicize options are setup correctly in your My Blogs page?

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