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    Hi, first this is about

    I use the publicize feature to link FB and WP, but my thumbnail doesn’t appear on the FB news feed.

    First, can this be done? (I only use one image per post).

    Second, if yes, how? Thanks!



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    My blog is reason in post.



    I’m having the same problem. I have one image in each post. (my blog is a photo blog) and when I publicize to facebook it doesn’t show a thumbnail of the image that is being posted.



    Publicize isn’t customizable. Manually posting to FB via your Sharing buttons works better and allows you to choose the image.



    OK, thanks. I did not use publicize for my most recent post, but how do I use my sharing buttons to post to FB? I can’t figure out how to do this.

    If it matters, I’ve already published my most recent post, but would like to go back and now share on FB with the accompanying image.




    If you have FB sharing enabled, just click the FB button on your post and you get a pop-up page of FB where you can select the thumbnail. There’s a toggle you can use to go forwards or back to choose the image.



    Thanks so much, that did it. For whatever reason, the last time I tried to find the FB button on my post, it either wasn’t there, or, I didn’t see it.



    I am having a problem wherein the links I post on my Facebook Wall do not also post the preview thumbnail image. On Tuesday Facebook grabbed the preview image and posted it, but as of Wednesday and today the preview images will not display for posted links. I have tried posting links to other sites and the preview images do in fact display. I have also tried newly posting links from earlier in the week that successfully displayed the preview image only to have the newly posted link suppress it. I am very frustrated by this problem and have been unable to rectify the situation. Any help that you can provide is appreciated. Thanks.


    I’m experiencing the exact same issue that ghostfeed described above. Any updates or tips would be very helpful! Thanks


    I am having the same problem. Any updates would be awesome. My blog is


    Same problem : when i copy my link and paste it on FB, the thumbnail appears BUT after clicking the “share” button, the image is not there anymore. Something to fix this would be great! Thanks.



    Yup. Same as above. Since about Wednesday March 16th. No thumbnail after posting – just text. WE NEED A FIX!


    Yes. i have the same problem as all of the above…. it used to work now it doesnt, someone please help! my blog is



    Same here…
    No thumbnail on Facebook or Digg for the past few days



    OK, so a very nice person on Twitter suggested a work around solution from this page:

    I have successfully used Hootsuite to post links to a Facebook fan page and actually got preview thumbnails to display. It’s a bit more cumbersome than manually posting the links, but at this point I’ll do whatever works. I hope this is some help to you all.



    Glad it worked and you’re welcome. :)



    For others, if you are Publicizing to your FB Profile page (and not a Fan page like ghostfeed) you may want to try disconnecting and then reconnecting your FB Publicize feature



    Hi everyone,

    Facebook has mentioned this:

    We’re investigating the situation.



    Same problem here!! No thumbnail when I copy a link to my personal wall or to any fan page I own!! It’s been going on for 3-4 days now. Very frustrating!

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