Publicize not Posting to Tumblr when Gallery Image Used

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    Have been testing the publicize function with Tumblr and can get this to work fine with text only.

    I can also get it to work with a linked image form my FTP server.

    However if I use an image from the gallery, it doesn’t work.

    Any ideas? Is this a bug? Can anyone else reproduce this condition?

    The blog I need help with is



    Experiencing the same issue. (It is a hosted blog not a blog) When I mark the WordPress post format as “image” the post does not show up on Tumblr. WordPress posts that are “Standard” format do appear on Tumblr. The problem I’m finding is that when the post is viewed in Tumblrs main feed as opposed to directly on your Tumblr blog, the post shows as a block quote and images are turned into a clickable grey box that expands to show the image once clicked.



    I find that that the hosted version works fine for me when using a Gallery image. However when using using blog it doesn’t post at all! Im pretty sure it’s a bug, but haven’t had any other responses.

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