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    I’ve set this blog to publicize on my fan page, and that it does, but it doesn’t include the image in the post. This blog is just headlines and links to articles which I’ve gathered using Press This. I set the image I selected along with the text and link as both the featured image and place it in the post as a thumbnail, but when it appears on FB there is no image, just the text from the Excerpt section.

    When I allow posts to post automatically from other blogs, at least one image always appears, usually the last one I placed in the post.

    Is there anything I can do to make sure the images appear with these automatic posts?

    The blog I need help with is



    the blog in question is–sorry, I entered it above the comment but it wasn’t included in the post.



    When i make a post of my Blogs in Facebook the Window only shows each time the same Photo and alltimes the sam text not the recent text not the new one only the same old text even when i write new storys
    How can i deal with?



    Thomas, I may have an answer for that one–are you posting a link to your article, or just to to home page of your blog? If you are posting a link to your home page, it will give you the same information with most of the templates, but if you link to your post, using the shortlink or the link that’s in the browser bar when you go to the article itself, it should give you the image and text from that article only.

    Sometimes Facebook can be goofy, and there have been times I have had to manually change the text that shows up on FB. Hope that helps!




    @wpguarav, I’ve seen that happen plenty of times! Sometimes I won’t see the image when I post, but others will on their walls. Sometimes I just come back later when that happens. But I rarely have thumbnails in my posts, only larger images, and FB will still usually choose one.

    I think it has something to do with the automatic post, though I had let all my posts go automatically for a while and it always included a photo.


    I’ve got the same problem wich is a bit serious having a photography blog :)


    Hey! I’ve posted blogs with photos and only one has shown up on facebook. Does anyone know why only one and none of the others?



    Similar for me too…
    I try using the share on facebook button at the bottom of my post, i used to be able to choose either the wordpress thumbnail image to show, or from a thumbnail of any of the images in my post. Lately it either hasn’t been loading any thumnails or like today, it is loading the wordpress logo thumbail and a completely unrelated image thumbnail for the green sports alliance. We have never used this image, I have no idea where it has come from, nothing to do with our blog or us…
    Its very frustrating as i think an image makes all the difference in getting people to click though…
    Site is



    If it’s this common, I’m beginning to think it’s an FB issue.

    I have the best luck when I copy the shortlink and paste it into the “link” on my wall, then type my own text into the box below. 95% of the time I get a choice of relevant photos. I’m just trying to save time this way, but I actually think in this case it has something to do with “Press This”, which is where I get the content for the posts on this one blog.


    Well…the whole thing of posting what is already on wordpress to facebook is to safe time and time is precious as we all well know. Does anyone know who we can contact? That is why I have come to this forum as I can’t seem to get support with the problem anywhere else.



    Have you searched the forums? I find that this is a long standing problem when I search.
    Publicize isn’t customizable. Manually posting to FB via your Sharing buttons works better and allows you to choose the image.


    I just checked my sharing buttons and it shows that I am connected in Facebook for sharing but I only show one post on my wall and none of the others that I wanted to share.



    Hi @ddlebugs and all. If the question is about Publicizing on facebook, then I think I’ve the solution. All the problems arising are from facebook. Like WP.COM, I’ve also linked my twitterfeed, hellotxt, Hootsuit to fb, but those too were not publishing. To start publishing on facebook, I went to My Account >>Application Settings and removed applications like [on facebook, not on ;) ] and then again connected them to facebook.


    I will try that! Is it something I have to do each time I post I wonder? Thank you for the information.



    No. . I think once.

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