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  1. Wondering if it'd be possible to include our blog title when our posts are publicized on social media networks such as Twitter. Right now, only the title of the post shows up. I share multiple blogs on one Twitter account, and having the title of the blog along with the post title would be a welcome addition. Something similar to this format:

    Blog Title: Article Name

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's true that there's no automatic function for this at the moment, but you do know that you can modify the publicize tweet that is sent out. Just make any changes you want in front of the link and not after it.

  3. You can do that on Twitter? I didn't know you could edit tweets (and can't find an option to do so...) Or is there another way? (I still like the automatic function idea better. Strive for continuous improvement!)

  4. Yes! In the "Publish" module, you can open "Publicize: Twitter: Edit" and modify the tweet that's sent out.

  5. Gotcha! :)

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