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Publicize / sharing posts in facebook with no image?

  1. I have the k2- light theme and i'm sharing / publicizing my posts to my facebook page. However, the only image that shows up on my facebook wall is my gravatar. Is there any way for it to recognize the image in my wordpress post and show it instead of my gravatar on my facebook page post?

    I know when I share a post it does exactly what i want (i.e. showing the image in my wordpress post).


  2. thank you. that is helpful.

    i understand my theme does not support featured images. Is there any correlation to sharing my posts on facebook? When i do share a post on facebook it shows the image.

    The only solution i can see is that i need to manually post on facebook, unless there is a theme similar to k-2 light that i can switch over too (but i've spent a lot of time changing the code in mine and i don't want to go through that again).


  3. anyone?

  4. This is not a theme related issue at all.

    The image that Facebook selects is entirely up to them. They use a very strict set of criteria which we have absolutely no control over.

  5. hi timethief. i understand what you are saying, but please listen to what i am saying. WordPress provides a share button option (facebook etc) for each post. That works correctly each time some (or i) hit share. It shows an image from my post. Also, when i am on facebook and choose to share my wordpress posts link... it also shows an image from my post. ONLY when i use the Publicize to Facebook option does it not work. Wouldn't that mean it is a Publicize, facebook problem? I notice the link it gives is is short version of the full link. I think that is the issue. Is there a way for it to publisize the long http:// link?

  6. I assume this is the blog your are referring to? Do you encounter this problem with all your posts? Can you try resetting the connection to Facebook?

  7. Hi Kardotim, yes is the blog. I reset my facebook connection and i encounter the problems with all my posts. What i have noticed is that WordPress shares the page with a "shortlink" and that is what confuses facebook.

    Example: wordpress will publicize the page link as "", when if it was posted as "" it would work perfectly.


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