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    I checked this thread which goes back to July, I am still having problems with posting automatically to Facebook.

    On 10th July macmanx said it was being looked into. Did you find anything, is there a solution. I travel a lot and have to schedule my posts to publish while away so this when it worked was ideal, now it is just a pain!!!

    Welcome any input thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    If reconnecting doesn’t resolve your issue,
    Go to your Facebook profile > App Center > My Apps > Remove your App.
    Now reconnect your WordPress account to Facebook and allow App.


    Thanks I have done that so will wait and see if it works. x



    same problem here only i also get this error when i try to reconnect

    Invalid/missing Keyring core nonce. All core actions require a valid nonce

    please help



    1. Hello there this seems a browser issue.
    Clear your caches and all other history then try again.

    2. Are you getting this error on disconnecting or on connecting? Have you changed something on Facebook? i-e username.



    re: Invalid/missing verification nonce

    Issue – at least for me – is with Chrome (Version 22.0.1229.94 on Mac 10.7.5); problems doesn’t arise using Firefox (Version 16.0.1)

    The Evil Empire strikes again!

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