Publicize Suddenly Posting To Wrong Facebook Wall/Page

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    For the last week or so, the Publicize feature has been posting to my personal Facebook wall instead of the Facebook Page I had selected when I set it up.

    When I go to the Publicize options page in WordPress, it automatically prompts me to select which Facebook wall or page I want to be notified of new posts (and it shows my personal Wall as being the current selection). I select the correct page I want, but the next post the next day is still posted to my personal wall instead. When I return to the Publicize options page, I am again prompted to select a wall or page again.

    Publicize for Twitter and LinkedIn are still working fine. This is for my account. Any suggestions? :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, I’m have the same issue as well. Is Facebook changing something which causes this issue? One post scheduled for May 26th posted fine to my Facebook page but the one for May 28th did not post to the Facebook page nor the person page. I had to reset the Sharing to Facebook settings today. What’s odd I had to reset them twice. Once around 9:30am PDT and again about 10:15am PDT.



    Facebook is making some changes which are affecting a small percentage of users.

    Please try the full reconnect procedure detailed at and keep in mind that will only affect future posts.

    If that doesn’t work for you, we are working on a solution.


    Thank you!



    You’re welcome!

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