Publicize to facebook doesnt work when posting via Windows live writer

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    When i add posts via windows live writer, publicize to facebook doesnt work. Any solutions? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve also been having the same problem, and can confirm it seems to be only when I use Windows Live Writer, which is a drag because I always do – I really don’t like the web interface at all. (Not having a go or anything, WordPress is awesome, just saying…)

    Help me! I’ve done the whole reapproving on Facebook and stuff, but it doesn’t change it.



    There are several threads now that reveal that there is a Facebook bug that Staff are aware of and investigating. The bug is affecting those using Publicize.

    Staff said:

    Hi everyone,
    Facebook has mentioned this:
    We’re investigating the situation.

    Have you sent your feedback about the bug to Facebook staff?



    No, I hadn’t actually – I will do. It does seem to be more a problem with Windows Live Writer though, as publicise works fine if I use the WP web interface. That FB bug link takes me to something talking about thumbnail images rather than this problem – is it somewhere else on the page and I’m being a bit blind?



    Have you tried sending your Post as a Draft to your site from WLW and then Publishing it?

    I usually do it that was as sometimes things change in the formatting and it also give me one last change to check the Categories and Tags as well as my writing.



    That’s a really great idea, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Post published fine, but again didn’t publicise. I’ll just have to copy & paste it into the web UI for the time being I guess. Thanks anyway though. :)

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