publicize to Facebook duplicates post titles, how to fix?

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    I noticed recently that the publicize to Facebook feature has started posting the title of the WordPress post as actual Facebook text content, in addition to the title which appears inside the Facebook post’s own digest.

    (see screenshot for example)

    This didn’t used to happen. It results in a duplication of content that looks kind of silly…actually I think it looks like spam, which is kind of bad. Is there any way this can be adjusted? Could a developer undo something they did recently, or better yet, throw a checkbox in somewhere for folks to decide if they want this to happen?

    Perhaps another option would be to throw a small collapsable text box in the right side of the New Post composition interface, where the publicize to Facebook option currently appears. The box could be populated by default with a duplication of the post title, but the WordPress user could manually choose to blank it our or add a more meaningful (and non-repeating) blob of text there to get publicized to Facebook.

    Thanks for any feedback on this!

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi there,

    I was able to duplicate this; thank you for letting us know! It looks like something changed on Facebook’s side, but we will investigate and let you know!


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