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    Hi, any role out time estimate for 280 characters. Like jetpack publicize but getting pressure from my collaboration members to do something else to get 280


    Hi keithmcphee500788922,

    This is something we are still working on at the moment, thanks for your patience :)



    Hello again, just coming in to report that as of this evening (my time), the available number of characters in the Post Editor’s Sharing module on my sites has jumped to 195 characters instead of the previous 55 characters.

    Twitter is the only Publicize service I have connected at the moment, so I assume this number may be different depending on what Publicize services you have your site connected to.

    Thanks so much WordPressdotcom!



    Just adding a PS that I haven’t yet “field-tested” the actual tweet publicized to Twitter, so your mileage may vary. Will test soon.


    I can confirm this is the same for me. I see 195 characters instead of 55 characters.



    Thanks for confirming @strikebuys. Do you have other Publicize services connected or only Twitter?


    I have Path too, but I see 195 characters, no matter Path is enabled or not. This definitely looks like Publicize for Twitter has gotten an update.



    Thanks again @strikebuys

    And another new feature? Adding tags to one’s posts also results their being added as #hashtags?


    No worries, Jen.

    Yes, great catch! Adding tags seems to add them and prepends a hashtag, but this happens only in the placement above categories.

    As soon as I add the tags, the placement below the tags box shows them without the hashtag.

    I am not very sure I am being clear here.

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