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Publicizing is not working correctly.

  1. My sharing settings are set to publish on Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo Updates. However my posts are only being publicized on Twitter. I rechecked all the appropriate boxes in Sharing, and also checked FB and Yahoo Updates while editing my posts.....still only goes to Twitter.
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  2. Possibly you need to clear your Facebook cache.

    LinkedIn has recently deleted autoposting.

  3. Thank you so much. Any idea how to do that? It's also not posting on Yahoo Updates.

  4. I have the same problem - facebook sharing is not working but twitter sharing is.

    Even if I manually check the facebook box in a post, it still fails to push the post to facebook.

  5. Well at least I know it's not just me. Now if we could only fix it!

  6. I'm having the same problem, for anyone who may have the answer!

  7. I am also having the same problem, nothing autoposted to FB since the 6th.

  8. Are you able to manually share the posts on your pages? If not, do you see any errors? If you do see errors, would you please quote them?

  9. I can manually post onto Facebook. It's just not autoposting.

  10. What do you mean 'manually' post? (I have cut and pasted links to my recent posts onto FB tonight)

    When I set up my posts - I time-delay them - I select Facebook, Twitter under Publicise. When they went live, since the 7th, they only go to FB.

    Now, if I try to edit a post from yesterday, under Publicise the Twitter box is ticked and greyed out. The FB box is unticked. If I then tick the FB box and click Submit, it reverts to the original state, ie 'Publicise: Twitter'.

  11. (Error - what I meant above is 'since the 7th, they only go to Twitter'. Sorry.)

  12. Take a look at to see. Nothing posted automatically since the 6th, I have manually added the rest tonight.

  13. By manually post, I mean cut and paste also. I have the exact same issue as you, except I'm also set up to publicize on "Yahoo Updates" and that's not working either. Twitter is the only one that's working.

  14. Ok, we're looking into the problem. Sorry for the trouble!

  15. This should be all fixed up now, though you may need to reconnect:

    Sorry for the trouble!

  16. Thanks, I'll try you know if it's fixed for Yahoo Updates also?

  17. It is entirely possible that the same fix took care of Yahoo as well. Please let us know if it didn't!

  18. All fixed for FB, my 2 posts today have gone on OK. Thanks.

  19. You're welcome!

  20. FWIW, I still cannot get Facebook sharing to work for

    I'l enabled the link from Twitter to Facebook instead.

  21. Seems to be working for me now. Thanks!

  22. I haven't been able to get publicize to work on facebook too for I've tried reconnecting several times, so far nothing has solved the problem.

  23. I haven't been able to get publicize to work on facebook too for I've tried reconnecting several times, so far nothing has solved the problem.

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