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    Hi there

    We have a couple of contributors on our blog who contribute posts that are then for the Administrator and/or Editor to review – so they come up on the dashboard as posts pending review. As an Administrator when I go to Publish the post the publicize options for Twitter and Facebook don’t show. I have checked on the sharing settings and I am connected no problem. If I start to write a new post those publicize option pop straight up but not on the posts that are in draft or pending review status by the Contributors. Even when I click publish – the publicize editor options for Twitter and Facebook do not populate.

    Would anyone be able to help?


    The blog I need help with is



    Have you read this section?
    Note: A Page-only account can not be used with Publicize. The Facebook account must have a profile.
    Per Blog and Per User
    For maximum flexibility, these connections between and our Publicize services are per blog and per user. If you have several blogs you want to connect, you’ll need to connect each one separately. For multi-author blogs, each user that wants to connect to a Publicize service will need to do so separately as well.


    Hi timethief

    Thank you for the response and yes I have read that and it worked well for Administrators but I can’t see how this works for Conrtributors? I’m an Administrator who wants to publicize the Contributors post to Facebook and it’s not showing as something that can be done. I am going to have a lot of contributors and we want to be sure that these posts can be published at the same time in a professional look to our corresponding facebook fan page of which belongs to my Profile but each of the Contributors are actually Administrators too so they can access that Facebook page.

    I think the issue here is more to do with Contributors not having a publicized option unless it is to their own personal Twitter profile which isn’t helpful either.

    Would someone be able to clarify that I have my facts straight here?




    It doesn’t work for Contributors.



    I’m sorry I had to submit and click out. I’m multitasking from work and had to deal with an issue offline. This is a privacy issue. People on FB have a variety of settings and most have things set so only their friends can see. People on Twitter can have their tweets “protected”.


    OK I get that – not a problem I saw another thread that you were very helpful on timethief and I am now going to use Networkedblog to help with the problem. Thanks a million!



    You’re welcome and best wishes with this. :)

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