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Publicizing my Blog

  1. lollapalooza201

    I have just started a Blog ( It's mainly about Politics with a little entertainment.
    I would love any suggestions on how to Publicize it and get the word out. I have posted links on my Twitter on other Political forums and have recieved several hits. Anyways, Thanks in advance for the suggestions!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there. I am an experienced user of WordPress software, and I blog about becoming a better blogger, building a better blog, and effective blog promotion. If you use this link below and scroll down to Promotion you will find posts that contain the kind of Blog Promotion advice you are looking for.

  3. lollapalooza201

    Ok, Thanks so much!

  4. Your site is so helpful timethief!

  5. I'd start networking with a lot of like minded people on WordPress. Check out their blogs, leave helpful, constructive comments and you might see that they are interested in checking you out too.

    That way you have a few people who you know are already interested in politic and who might be a good sample of readers to bounce ideas off.

    In the end it's fairly simple: anyone might visit once, but ideally you you'd like them to keep coming back. How to achieve that? Content, good solid, interesting, well researched, insightful, content. The more the merrier.

    and also... Rome wasn't built in a day, probably neither will your blog. Be patient and concentrate on writing very very very well for a small select group, if your group gets bigger then it's bonus. Either way, hang in there, it takes time :)

    Have fun blogging!

  6. lollapalooza201

    Is there a directory of people who also write about Politics here? I've searched everywhere..can't seem to find one..


  7. @youngprogressive

    I dont think there is a directory of any members here persay, however you can use the search function to type in keywords that will pull up people who's blog may be of interests to you. Thats the great thing about the net and all our wonderful idea's...there are others who think exactlly as we do also ;)

  8. @youngprogressive Don't forget to go to the WordPress homepage and look in the tags. There is a politics tag! Also, try Facebook and Twitter for a directory of Political blogs. It may be more helpful.

  9. also go to your dashboard then click "tag surfer" this is where you can add keywords in related to your niche or interests and those blogs will be automatically pulled up.

  10. To locate other political bloggers at click this link to the global tag page for "politics".

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