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    Starting with my November 8, 2013 blog post to current, the FB publicize function is not “grabbing” the correct media for the posts. I have not changed anything that I do in WP, nor have I changed any of my sharing or FB publicize settings. Has something changed that I need to update to make sure the media from my publicized posts match what I’m actually posting? Now, my FB page has media that doesn’t reflect specific WP posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Shari – Facebook has made some changes on its end as to what images it pulls for your posts. If you look up the URL for your most recent post ( ) in the Facebook debugger tool here:

    You’ll see that Facebook is displaying all the images in the post. It used to only pull one, but now it pulls multiple ones.

    Next time you publish, please try setting the specific image you want Facebook to pull as a Featured Image for your post as described here:

    Then, let me know if Facebook grabs that one.


    Hi Eurello–Thanks for the support, I appreciate the information you provided. The “new” problem I’m having is attempting to edit my posts with a Featured Image. I read through the Setting a Featured Image instructions you linked me to and what I’m experiencing is–I do not have a Featured Image module, nor do I have the option to select a Featured Image option in my Screen Options drop down. Is the featured image option something available for New posts only? Is that why I’m not seeing the option on posts I’ve previously published?
    Thanks again for your help, Eurello!



    Hi Shari,

    It looks like the Crafty theme doesn’t have a featured image module. I’m sorry about that – I should have checked before I told you, but I thought all our themes did. :)

    I’m not sure whether that’s intentional or not, but I’ve passed it along to our theme team.

    However, due to the changes Facebook has made, it’s not guaranteed that they would display the featured image anyway. Typically, we set the featured image as the first image suggested for them, but they still sometimes skip over it. This isn’t something we currently have any control over.

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