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publicizing on facebook

  1. hey,

    I've been trying to turn on publicize for the facebook account ( I go through all of the hoops (the facebook account is set to allow wordpress through) and I even get a message on top of my wordpress saying "You have successfully connected your blog with your Facebook account." But nothing. It still says disconnected from facebook which of course means no setting options to automatically publish posts. Any solutions???


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry reconnecting Facebook is not working for you>

    You can use Networked Blogs or RSS Grafitti for posting to Facebook walls if you prefer. RSS Graffiti periodically checks the RSS/Atom feeds that you specify and posts any new entries it finds to the Facebook Walls that you specify. You can get any feed written on any wall (Facebook Profiles, Fan Pages, Groups, Events and Application Profile Pages). In fact, multiple feeds to multiple walls. You choose the combination.

  3. uniquelyhandmadeonly

    I too have a problem getting my post to show on my fb page. It seems I have to manually go to my post and click on the fb widget. Is that how it works, or is it supposed to auto go there. It does show fb and twitter in my publicize options. But doesn't seem to show unless I do the aforementioned step. ?????

    I computer illiterate mostly. I went to "Links" and put my fb address there and my ArtFire site address. I was hoping a link would show up in my posts to those two sites, but I'm not seeing anything, but I've not posted anything since doing that. Is this what the "Links" is for?????? Or, am I just confusing the blog site with my illiterate-ness of computing?

    Can someone help?????
    Thank you.

  4. Please see what I posted above.

  5. uniquelyhandmadeonly

    I'm sorry. I just do not understand what you are saying. Too new at this. Thanks for attempting to help.

  6. Have you set up Publicize for Facebook?

  7. uniquelyhandmadeonly

    I thought so. Both fb and twitter show up there and I have checked the box to enable publicize where I type the post on the "New Post" screen.

  8. mine doesn't even come up with publicize. perhaps, wordpress is having some problems today with connecting??

  9. thanks for the additional info but I just tried networkedblogs. It's too much trouble. I just want wordpress to allow me the publicize option. I've tried connecting several times but that doesn't seem to working still. I tried different browsers, signing off/in several times. is there a way to contact them directly to let them know about this problem??

  10. uniquelyhandmadeonly

    It seems like this worked one time on a previous post because I remember it showed up twice somewhere and I wondered why. Then, I thought because I didn't see it so I clicked on the fb widget on the published post. But, since then it doesn't show up unless I click on the fb widget in the published post. Could I have done something inadvertently that turned it off?

    When I go to edit the post, I see the "publicize" in the right side bar. It shows fb and twitter. If I click "edit" there, both boxes are checked next to fb and twitter but they are greyed out. Does this tell you anything about what is going on?
    Thank you timethief for attempting to help!!!

  11. There are long standing issues that come and go with Facebook and the Publicize app. Facebook makes frequent changes and when they do this happens. I know many people who use RSS Grafitti and say they have no issues at all. Note that I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  12. timethief, thanks for all of your help and investigating.

  13. I'm sorry I cannot resolve your issue.

  14. uniquelyhandmadeonly

    I discovered from one of your previous posts regarding support pages (thank you) and went to the "sharing" on the dashboard and see that fb and twitter are both enabled there. So it seems like there must be some issues for the tech people here perhaps. Thanks again!!

  15. Do we know if anyone is working on this at wordpress? It seems to be an ongoing problem.

    et al

    and since they refuse to let you contact them directly, they should at least acknowledge the glitch that is happening to many users here and work toward fixing it.

  16. Have you tried the full reconnect procedure as detailed at ?

  17. yes, several times on several different browsers to no avail.

  18. Are you trying to publicize to a personal profile (with Friends) or a page (with Likes instead of Friends)?

  19. hello macmanx, it is a page-->

  20. Is that a page-only account, or does the page belong to an account with a normal profile?

    Facebook has prevented us from publicizing to page-only accounts, and we have no way around that.

  21. It's a page. I don't know what you mean by a page belonging to a personal account.

    If facebook is not allowing publicizing for pages shouldn't those instructions be removed from wordpress so we don't all get frustrated??

  22. It's in the support doc:

    Static pages will not be publicized.

    After connecting/re-connecting the services, you will need to publish a new post in order to publicize it.

    If you see the message “Error – See Support” (see image below) after connecting to Facebook, there is a problem with the Facebook account being used. Only Facebook Pages that have an associated Profile can be used with Publicize. Follow the Reconnecting Facebook steps above and connect to a Facebook Profile that has administrative rights to the Page.

  23. it's listed on the support page. WordPress just added their little addendum though.

    Facebook Pages

    If you would like to Publicize your posts to your Facebook page, instead of your Facebook profile, click on the “Set Options” link underneath Facebook on your Settings -> Sharing page. You will need to connect your blog to Facebook first. You will need to use a Facebook account that has a Profile with administrative rights to the Page.

    but whatever. wordpress needs to be better with their support. they could have easily cleared this up and replied back saying it was not allowable instead of just letting everyone fiddle with it. if they insist on not letting anyone contact them directly, they should at least be more attentive to the forum.

  24. I am still having issues with Publicize. I am connected to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn & Yahoo. When I look at the list of sites that I want to publicize to and that I am connected to, only Twitter and Tumblr are checked off on the list. FB, LinkedIn and Yahoo are unchecked. I check them, update the post and still the posts will not link with those sites and they are unchecked again.

    Publicize was working fine up until three months ago and I don't know what is causing it.

    You help is appreciated.
    Thank You.

  25. covenanthospice

    I'm having problems with publicize and scheduled posts. Although the publicize box is checked when I schedule the posts, they are not pushing to Facebook upon being published. I have to manually go in and update the post by checking publicize again and then they are finally pushed over to FB. Page is set up associated with a personal profile (but posting to page) and appears to be connected normally. Can anyone help?

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