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publicizing via facebook and linked in while in china

  1. hello -- i am in the process of creating a blog to go live in a week or so (at least that is my goal. ha!) i am heading to china and understand that wordpress is not blocked there but wonder if anyone knows if publicizing new posts via facebook and linkedin works. or if you know it is just better to turn any sharing with these social media sites off.
    thanks!!! --tamar

    The blog I need help with is

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    As long as you can access your blog while in China, none of the publicize features (or indeed, any other features) should be affected, though you may not be able to view the effects, if facebook/linkedin themselves are blocked.

  3. I'm sorry but China blocks and there's nothing we can do about that. I don't know if blogs which are hosted by many different hosts are blocked or not. See what Staff (macmanx) said here please >

  4. i have checked and certain sites are blocked whereas, in kunming (where i shall be much of my time) WP is not. i also bought my own domain name so hope this helps -- none-the-less, my blog is developed via WP... and andrew, i think/hope you are right that the publicize feature should work even if i cannot see the results. my worry is that i even have them featured as a publicize option... you know what i mean?

  5. I'm happy to hear is not blocked where you are going. Purchasing your own domain name changes nothing as the root domain here at can be detected. Best wishes with this.

  6. timethief -- you are quite right about the root domain!! thanks!

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