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    Hi — A couple of times in the last year, I have unintentionally hit the Publish button when I meant to hit Preview. That has meant that my subscribers got copies of an in-progress post, which in one instance caused me some embarrassment! Isn’t there a way to have a verification window pop up that says ‘Are you sure you are ready to Publish this?’?
    This seems like a basic feature that should be built in to the system given that the Publish button is so close to the Save Draft and Preview buttons and that the stakes of publishing accidentally can be high.

    The blog I need help with is




    I must admit, I rarely use the new ‘revised’ Post Publisher, I stick to the older style. I like it better, and it’s just more accurate all round especially with media, as you can’t verify the search (for media) parameters in the new style. I use ‘search within post’ for media when editing for example, extremely handy once the website has a tonne of images.

    To get to the ‘old’ style of post publisher, go to your-blog-address/wp-admin 2: Posts 3: All Posts (to quick edit tags etc) or New Post.

    On to your main issue of concern though, it does come up with a warning to stop you publishing as well, albeit it’s for a ‘spellchecking’ type of pop up, but it is bound to find even a name that would not be in it’s ‘dictionary’ of terms. There’s also the fact of ‘Publish’ and ‘Draft’ being set up differently, quite a space actually, as well there is an obvious option to ‘publish immediately’ or ‘set a date / time’ etc… so you could be all set, if you also add a feature of not to publish immediately on the start of every new post, you’ll be able to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    Hope this helps,


    Hi Sasha — I appreciate you responding to my frustrated query. Like you, I don’t like the new, revised Post Publisher…I find the old one more user friendly. So, the problem I am referring to is actually occurring in the old post publisher.

    But, either way, your solution is a great suggestion ! I never really registered that there is a “publish later” option and that’s a great safety net that would save me if I ever press the wrong button again. Love it.

    Thanks for the help!

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