Where is the Publish button?

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    I noticed two things that are new in my “publish” module this morning.

    1. There is no “publish” button

    2. WP has my current draft scheduled to publish at 4:00 today.

    Is there any way to disable scheduling?
    More importantly, how can I publish my post today with no “publish” button. Am I supposed to finish the draft, and then schedule publication for two minutes later?

    This just can’t be right – timethief suggested on the forums I send along a note to you folks.

    By the way, I’m using current Firefox as my browser and yes, I HAVE CLEARED both cookies and cache. I have the tidiest browser in the world just now. ;-)

    Blog url: http://shoreacres.wordpress.com/



    Hi there,

    I checked the post https://shoreacres.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=15038&action=edit and there is a Publish button. This is a screenshot of what I see using Firefox – https://skitch.com/mkoenig/fy2wa/publish-button.

    Is that the post? If it isn’t, can you send the link? Can you provide a screenshot of what you see?

    Please try using a different web browser like Chrome and see if that does the trick. Let me know how it goes.

    At the moment there isn’t a way to cancel a scheduled post (that I know of). In the meantime, please change the scheduled post time so that it doesn’t post at 4:00.



    I think the issue’s resolved.

    I logged back in and changed the scheduled post time four or five times. Eventually, the “publish” button popped back up. And, I figured out that a 24-hour clock is being used. When I edited the publish time, it came up as 04:00 – so it appears all is well. In any event, I still have a draft and not a published half-done piece.

    I assume the little pink bar that told me MK was editing my post was – you! That stopped my heart for a minute. At least I’ve got a new password now. ;-)

    Thanks so very much. If I have any problem posting I’ll be back, but I think it’s all good.


    Yep, that pink bar would have been MK. Sorry for the momentary scare there.

    Glad to hear this sorted itself out for you!



    All is well. Publication of new post with no problems. Thanks!

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