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    I have been running the blog 2 and a half years, and this is the third time I pressed “publish” by mistake.So inconvenient not to mention embarassing when the post is not finished. I live in terror of it happening again! Please please is there a way to lock it or to move it to an entirely different place where it cannot be confused with save draft or update?

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you referring to a free hosted blog?

    If so, then which one is it? Please note that we Volunteers answering support questions here on the forum cannot assist any blogger who does not provide an active link starting with http:// to the blog, post or page in question. Please do that now.

    If you are referring to a free hosted blog, then the answer to your question is no you cannot move the publish button. Only Staff can do that.



    The input screen showed my blog’s address so I thought that was enough. Yes, it is a free hosted blog, at

    I figured I could not do it. I am begging y’all to do it. :-)



    Safe method while preparing a new post: as soon as you create it and add, say, a couple of lines, set the visibility to private and publish the post. Continue editing and updating, switch visibility to public when the post is finished.
    This way you’ll also avoid a recent glitch with drafts: they may disappear.



    Aha! That makes sense. Question: will it affect those people who have subbed to the blog to receive posts as soon as they are published? What I mean is… when I turn the post “public” will they automatically receive it then, as before?

    Whew. This sounds like the answer to my prayer! :-)


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    Thank you, all.

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