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    WHY do you not present an “Are you sure” question when the user hits the “Publish” button??? I have occasionally ACCIDENTALLY published documents days early, and there is no way of undoing it. It would take perhaps two lines of code.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can “unpublish” your post by:

    Setting the post visibility to private
    Changing the post status back to pending review or draft

    If you want to be 100% sure to avoid the mistake, you can create a new user & assign the Author role. Log in as that user when you are writing / editing posts that you don’t want to publish.


    Thanks, but nothing can bring back the RSS emails that went out. Is it too difficult to add a question “”Are you sure?” when you hit publish?



    Speaking as a professional blogger, it’d be unspeakably annoying to the people who do NOT hit Publish by accident.

    Why don’t you change the date and schedule the post before you do anything else? Then, even if you DO hit Publish, it won’t go live until that date?


    Have you NEVER hit it by accident? Then let’s let the feature be turned off for those objecting. Another two lines of code.

    But editing the date out of the filename can’t be done. How are you suggesting scheduling it?


    Never mind… I found it. But two lines of code???



    I’ve hit it by accident, but it’s not the end of the world. I just get over it.

    I would complain to the SKIES if, because someone occasionally releases a post prematurely, they forced everyone into a training wheel, nanny state kind of “No, really, are you SURE? Are you totally, completely really SURE” kind of thing every time we want to publish a post.

    To schedule a post, just follow these instructions:


    And I do appreciate your help. I’m a 72yo novice, and these damned computers are driving me nuts!

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