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    I edited and updated many of my pages but when I hit the “update” button, the content doesn’t go live. Help!!
    Blog url:



    Could you please let me know which page you are referring to? or does it happen with all the pages? What kind of browser version are you using?


    Thank you for your reply – it is the page. The browser is IE 9.



    From what I can see, the most recent version of your posts are appearing on your blog page. Can you try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies?


    My cache and cookies are programed to clear everytime I exit IE. Any other suggestions?


    This support system is taking too long. Is there someone I can either talk or chat with live? It’s been days and I need to get this content published as soon as possible or I need to find another site host to work with.


    Also is there anyway to delete the other two blogs?



    I definitely see your most recent posts too. Can you check from another computer?

    You can delete your other blogs following this guide:


    Thank you all! My friend helped me fix the issue last night. We actually did start on her computer – great suggesion Happiness Engineer! I don’t quite understand how this works now but I can publish new information and I’m grateful. It may have been browser specific but I’m not sure.



    You’re welcome!

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