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Publish full articles in RSS (ie: ignore the more tag)

  1. I think it would be a really good idea if there was an option to have it ignore the MORE tag when publishing feeds to RSS.

    I like to use FeedBlitz to automatically back up my posts (since I've lost stuff on WP before), but if I use the MORE tag then it will not store the full article.

  2. @engtech
    I'm wondering how is posting this in a new thread every day going to effect change. I'm wondering why you did that today in view of the response we got from Podz on the same subject yesterday. They know there is a problem. They are working on it. In between we can simply choose not to use the more tag.
    P.S. As you know from reading the former thread I have the same prblem as you and I solved it from a back-up perspective by removing the tag and publishing the post again.

  3. TT: this is different than the "broken more tag" functionality.

    The existing bug is that the MORE link doesn't appear in RSS.

    What I'm talking about is different. It would be an option for RSS feeds that ignores the MORE tag, so that you could use the MORE tag on your blog, but when people are viewing articles in RSS they see the full text.

    I hope that clarifies my idea.

  4. gottcha I think

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